158-Point Inspection Designed for Classic Cars, Hot-Rods, Muscle Cars and Customs

Performed by ASE Certified technicians who are classic car specialists

Comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical, Body and Chassis Inspection

  • Examine modifications, customizations and upgrades to body, chassis and drivetrain for condition and quality of workmanship
  • Complete mechanical inspection including engine, drivetrain and other drive systems
  • Power electrical systems including battery, starter, alternator and all electrical accessories
  • Body inspection including sheet metal, exterior, paint, interior, trim and glass for damage, rust and quality of workmanship
  • Complete underbody and chassis inspection covering suspension, brakes, steering, and frame components
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Test Drive

  • Thorough 3-to-5 mile road test to evaluate roadworthiness and drivability of the vehicle
  • Test drive examines engine performance and acceleration, transmission shift quality and performance, braking, and suspension and steering operation

Vehicle Photos

  • 30+ full-color photos taken by the inspector at the time of the of the inspection
  • Multiple vehicle photos from every angle to give you an up-close and personal 360 degree look at the vehicle
  • Additional photos with technician notes to document potential areas of concern that you need to know

ASE Certified Mobile Inspectors

  • Our inspectors are all car-loving, gearheads who are passionate about the service they perform!
  • They are trained to inspect vehicles of any year, make, and model based on standardized criteria developed by Road Ready Inspections and McPherson College
  • They respect all vehicles, regardless of condition, and may ask the owner to perform certain tasks (open the hood, start the ignition, lower the convertible top, etc.)