10 Great Reasons Why You Should Get a Classic Car Inspected Before You Buy It

December 16th, 2014

  1. Classic cars are used cars and therefore can have all the same issues that any used car can have. You will want to be aware of the current condition of the car and be prepared for any possible damages or mechanical issues.

  2. Classic cars will most likely have been worked on by a range of owners with a range of abilities. This includes tinkered on in the garage or restored by a private owner with little to no previous restoration experience.

  3. The classic car you are interested in is possibly in a different state, so you are either buying sight unseen or paying to travel to see the vehicle – save money on travel and avoid relying on the representation of just the seller by getting a professional unbiased independent report on the true condition of the vehicle.

  4. An inspection can be used as a negotiation tool. If there is a problem you can negotiate for the seller to lower the price or fix the issue.

  5. An inspection can answer questions about the vehicle that you didn’t even know to ask. This is particularly useful if you are not mechanically inclined or don’t understand all the different mechanical aspects of the car.

  6. Sometimes the seller doesn’t have the answer to all the questions you will want answered. An inspector will be able to identify any potential issues you may have with the vehicle.

  7. The vehicle could be potentially misrepresented by the seller without them even knowing. An inspection will clarify the true condition of the vehicle.

  8. An inspection can protect you from fraud and scams – a reputable inspection company will take the time to verify the seller and the vehicle are legitimate as part of the scheduling process.

  9. Sending an inspector or taking an inspector with you means you don’t have to take any risks when meeting up with a seller for the first time.

  10. You might know a lot about classic vehicles but an expert point of view is always of value when you are making an investment in a classic vehicle.