10 Questions You Should Ask The Seller When Buying a Classic Car

June 1st, 2015

Have you ever seen two classic cars that are exactly alike? Each classic car is unique and different, almost like they each have their own unique fingerprint that sets them apart from every other car in the world. When you own a classic car no one will ever have a car just like yours.

One of the fun aspects of classic car ownership is the hunt to find the perfect car for you! I know what you are thinking. You hate shopping for a used car. Searching for a classic is different. Finding and owning a classic car is about memories, nostalgia, personalization and so much more than a modern used car could ever represent.

Just think of all the cool cars you will find online and in the local marketplace. Your head will be swimming with decisions as you try to decide which car is right for you, even though you thought you knew exactly what you wanted when you started your search.

Once you have your shortlist of 50 cars down to one you really have your eye on, you want to learn everything that you can about this car, and the best place to start is with the current owner. If you want to end up with a great car then it's up to you to get the facts.

But where do we start? What should you ask the owner? How do you confirm the seller's representation of the vehicle? These are critical questions and before you waste time and money buying a classic car without doing your research, ask the seller these 10 very important questions.

Questions for the Seller:

1) How long have you owned the car?
2) Why are you selling the car?
3) If you were going to do any repairs to the vehicle what would they be?
4) Are you aware of any repairs the vehicle needs?
5) Do you have a good "unbranded" title to the car that I can see?
6) How often do you drive the car?
7) Would you have any concerns about taking the car on a road rally or driving the car long distances?
8) Does the car have any significant rust anywhere?
9) Would you have a problem with me having an inspector come out and inspect the car?
10) Do you sell cars often?

Once you have asked these key questions you will have a much better picture of the condition of the vehicle, its history, and any repair issues from the viewpoint of the seller. Of course, at this point you only have the seller's words to go on. An inspection will provide you with a truly independent overview of the vehicle's condition and can be a very worthwhile investment before you part with your cash.

Good luck in your search for your classic car, and remember to research, ask questions and get the car inspected!

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