How to Buy a Ticket into the Fast Lane, Muscle Car Style!

May 12th, 2015

So you want to own a classic car. Kudos to you! Nothing makes a bigger statement than pulling up to a red light and seeing 12 cars that all look alike, and then there you are, sitting in your 1967 badass 4 speed GTO! Yeah, you could rip off a half a block of rubber if you wanted to. You could just rev the engine and blow the windows right out of that car sitting next to you. I want to be that guy you say! And you can. It's easier than you think. There just a few things you MUST DO to put yourself in the drivers' seat when buying a classic muscle car. And if you follow these tips you won't end up on the back of a tow hook in a hunk of junk. So let's put the pedal to the metal and let's get buying a classic muscle car in 10 easy steps.

1. Get online and type two words 'Classic Cars' and find your perfect car
2. Shop for financing - yes online again, type 3 words, classic car financing, or search for details of your local credit union
3. Price your insurance - online, again, type 3 more words, classic car insurance, or your search for your current insurance company's website
4. Get a shipping estimate - you guessed it, get online, type 3 more words, classic car transport and request a quote
5. Negotiate your best deal with the seller, contingent upon a professional inspection
6. Get the car professionally inspected
7. Now, re-negotiate your deal with the seller based on the information you learned from the inspection. Decide whether to ask the seller to make some repairs or accommodate some repair costs in the price of the car. You are saving money already!
8. The deal is done. You are the owner of a muscle car. You, my friend, are about to be in hot rod heaven!
9. Get an Escrow company to help secure your purchase payment - hop online, 4 more words, classic car escrow service, let them do all the work and remove the worry, you don't pay until they secure the vehicle and it is headed your way
10. Vrooom! Oh yeah, you are definitely gonna burn rubber, this is your town now!

Happy Motoring!

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