How to Test Drive a Classic Car

December 2nd, 2014

The test drive is an essential part of the research process when buying any used car. Test drives can be a great opportunity for you to learn a lot about the condition of the vehicle you are interested in buying. If you live nearby the classic or collector car you are interested in buying you may be able to perform a test drive yourself, however if the car you are interested in is not local or you would prefer the opinion of a professional, then we recommend a trusted independent inspection company that specializes in pre-purchase inspections for classic vehicles.

If you are able to conduct the test-drive yourself, here are some tips from the inspectors:

Road Ready Inspections conducts a 3 – 5 mile test drive as part of every inspection that they perform. The inspectors check a range of inspection points during the test drive, including but not exclusively:

The Road Ready inspectors are your eyes and ears on the test drive, providing you with all the information you need to learn the true condition of the vehicle you are interested in.