The RestoMod Rage

May 2nd, 2015

If you have spent any time at all kicking classic car tires you have heard the term RestoMod used to describe certain vehicles. Amongst all the various terms used to describe classic cars, including classic, vintage, restored, antique, hot rod, custom, and more, now we have another description, RestoMod which has caught fire with enthusiasts.

Simply, RestoMod is an abbreviated term for a restored, modified, classic car. It is meant to describe a classic car that has been restored back to its original, or near original, appearance - however underneath that original appearance is the running gear of a newer, modern power plant and drivetrain. The restoration may have also included tuned upgraded suspension, instrumentation and interior creature comforts such as modern air conditioning, overdrive transmission, seat belts, high end stereos, custom wheels and other fun features.

RestoMods gained rapid popularity with classic car enthusiasts that desired the timeless classic car look without suffering the reliability and performance of the original mechanics. RestoMods provide the look and the style of a bygone era plus the performance of modern day muscle cars. Also, the performance versatility of a RestoMod is endless as builders have the option of creating huge 700 horsepower behemoths fitting of the local dragstrip or just a solid sounding, respectable street cruiser.

While the initial appearance may be timely and a perfect example of the true classic, the performance and aggressive stance gives the secret underneath away. No better example of a RestoMod exists than the 1956 Chevrolet Nomad built by Overhaulin’ and presented by the king of classics, Jay Leno.

Being highly modified and unique hand built vehicles; the purchase of a RestoMod should include a thorough pre-purchase inspection by qualified inspectors who have significant knowledge in the construction of RestoMods.


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