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What is my Classic Car Worth? - Posted May 1st, 2019
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Top 10 Things You Should Know When Buying a Classic Car - Posted March 23, 2017
Carburetor vs Fuel Injection. In today's world, we get in our modern cars, turn the key, and the engine starts and idles perfectly. For a Classic Car, you may have 1 or more carburetors on your engine...Read more

How to Negotiate a Great Deal when Buying a Classic Car or Truck - Posted August 21st, 2015
It's easy to negotiate a great a deal when buying a classic or collector car or truck. The key is to make sure you have all the facts ahead of time, and that you have a clear idea in your head of what the vehi...Read more

Don't Forget to Check These 5 Things When Buying a Classic Car or Truck - Posted June 12th, 2015
The list of things to check and be aware of when you are buying a classic car is long, but there are some key things that you shouldn't forget to check and research so that you can make an informed bu...Read more

10 Questions You Should Ask The Seller When Buying a Classic Car - Posted June 1st, 2015
Have you ever seen two classic cars that are exactly alike? Each classic car is unique and different, almost like they each have their own unique fingerprint that sets them apart from every other car...Read more

What You Can Expect When You Buy a Classic Vehicle from a Dealer, Private Seller, or at Auction - Posted May 23rd, 2015
Now that you have decided to buy a classic car, you have 3 shopping choices for the new addition to the family; a classic car dealer, a private seller or a classic car auction. All good choices, and...Read more

How to Buy a Ticket into the Fast Lane, Muscle Car Style! - Posted May 12th, 2015
So you want to own a classic car. Kudos to you! Nothing makes a bigger statement than pulling up to a red light and seeing 12 cars that all look alike, and then there you are, sitting in your 1967 bad...Read more

The RestoMod Rage - Posted May 2nd, 2015
If you have spent any time at all kicking classic car tires you have heard the term RestoMod used to describe certain vehicles. Amongst all the various terms used to describe classic cars, including...Read more

Rust....and Your Classic Car - Posted April 22nd, 2015
Rust. Of all the four letter words you don’t want to hear, rust is the worst word possible when you are shopping for a classic car. Time and uncontrollable elements can take their toll on anything made...Read more

Classic Car Vehicle Condition Grades - Posted April 5th, 2015
You may have already noticed that classic cars come in all different states of disrepair, repair, condition, restoration level and type of modification. In order to make sense of the wide variety of...Read more

How To Find True Love in Your Classic Car - Posted February 13th, 2015
Perhaps if you performed thousands of inspections on hundreds of different classic car makes and models every year, you would know. But, since you can’t, the people that do those inspections are going...Read more

How to Spot Frame Damage on a Classic Car - Posted January 26th, 2015
The frame of a car is like the foundation of a house, any damage caused by an accident or a crash can fundamentally affect its structural integrity, ultimately weakening its ability to perform. Damaged...Read more

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Get a Classic Car Inspected Before You Buy It - Posted December 16th, 2014
Classic cars are used cars and therefore can have all the same issues that any used car can have. You will want to be aware of the current condition of the car and be prepared for any possible damages...Read more

How to Test Drive a Classic Car - Posted December 2nd, 2014
The test drive is an essential part of the research process when buying any used car. Test drives can be a great opportunity for you to learn a lot about the condition of the vehicle you are interest...Read more

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