What Road Ready Customers Have to Say

"Just a quick thank you for your outstanding service. My inspector was prompt, thorough, and professional. He was able to find a couple things I did not notice and were important to finalizing the sale. If I need this service again, I will certainly call you." - John

"Thanks for the thorough report, it saved me from making a mistake." - Nelson C., February 2015

"Thank you very much for a very thorough inspection report. I was very impressed. Sorry, we had to hurry this so much, but I feel better with my decision after seeing your report. I will definitely recommend your services in the future." - Cannon Ray Amos

"Thank you for all of your help. The inspection report was very thorough and helped with our final decision. The inspector pointed out items that we would not have seen ourselves! This car was like my husband’s first car and he has been wanting one for a long time."- Karen Grell

"A potential buyer for my classic Jaguar XKE expressed concerns over not being able to travel to see it for himself. When I told him the Jag had been inspected by Road Ready Inspections and I shared the inspection report with him, his concerns were eased. The independent nature of the report substantiated the condition of the car as I had described it and the collection of photos gave him a 360 degree look that he wasn’t able to get otherwise. As a seller, offering my buyer the Road Ready Inspection Report was the tipping point for the sale." - Tim Sprague, CEO/Owner, Habitat Metro, LLC

"Road Ready was very professional and experienced and I would use it again if I decided to purchase another classic vehicle." - Greg C., Lake City, FL

"Our inspector was very professional and knew what he needed to look for, I completely trusted him with my classic vehicle and he was very respectful of my car." - Tricia N., Weatherford, TX

"Your company was very easy to deal with and gave me a complete and thorough analysis of the car. I am very pleased with the service and would recommend it to anyone!" - Gene G., Brighton, MA

"The service was done in a timely manner and was very professionally performed." - Greg C., Joliet, IL

"I want to tell you how pleased I have been with the Evaluation Report and the very responsive experience I have had with your service. I had decided to purchase the pickup truck I selected from the Classic Car website and negotiated a price with the owner. The pictures and description looked good on the website, however, I decided to engage your service to evaluate the vehicle, since I live 1,800 miles from where it is located and didn't want to fly down to view it myself. Your evaluation went way beyond the inspection I could have done myself and it pointed out enough problems with the vehicle to cause me to rescind my offer and back away from that vehicle. I will engage your service again when I have located another vehicle to acquire. Thanks!" - Gary F., So. Burlington, Vermont

"Service was quick, accurate and timely." - Thomas L. Vernon, Rockwell, CT

"I am very satisfied and the inspector was very professional, and he was very courteous and nice. Came to our home and was respectful and knowledgeable." - Allen R., Monticello, AR